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Wall Mounted Solar Lights

In the past solar lights had a somewhat limited range of illumination and their battery life wasn’t particularly good either.

Solar Wall Lights 1

That has all changed and a solar powered wall light is not only powerful but will last for many years.

The LED bulbs that accompany wall lights are comparable to fluorescent bulbs in terms of illumination, and these days you will have a choice of how many bulbs you may require in a unit.

An extra advantage of solar lights is that they emit almost no heat and so you can place them alongside things that might otherwise be a fire hazard.

There is nothing complicated about installation other than the standard attachment when fixing something to a wall.

Many businesses are now switching to solar lights as they realize how cost effective they are, and with the added bonues of conserving energy combined with tremendous flexibility of their positioning it makes absolute sense to go solar.

Wall Mounted Mailbox and Address Marker

I recently came across this unit at a website called and was quite impressed by this solar wall mounted mailbox.

Wall mounted mailbox

The solar part of the equation is really the address marker, but coupling the unit with a lockable mailbox is a good idea.

It’s made from stainless steel and can be fitted quickly because obviously there is no cabling involved. It will run on for up to 10 hours on a full charge and produce a light strong enough to read the address from 100yds away.

4 x white LED’s are within the unit, 1 x 0.41w solar panel with UV lens cover, and 1 x 1.2V 1200mAh,Ni-Mh rechargeable battery.

Dimensions are 310mm x 350mm x 90mm and the unit retails at approximately $153 (NZD)

Wall Mounted Solar Lights 2

This very attractive solar light is made from 100% stainless steel, and of course that means it will never rust and will last for years.

Solar Wall Lights 2

Solar lights vary in terms of their output and longevity of illumination.

This particular model will last for up to eight hours with a full charge, and comes replete with a polycarbonate lens to shield the light from moisture.

As with almost all solar lights the photo-cell sensor will automaticall turn the light on at night. Solar lights require no wiring installation and as such make the installation considerably easier.