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Solar Lights – Lanterns 1

Solar Lights Lantern 1

These delightful hanging solar lanterns will give you six hours of light when they automatically turn on at dusk. Ideal for that summer party, wedding, or any outdoor event, they bring a real sense of fun and magical quality to the evening.

Alternatively, you could stand these solar lights on a table for a completely different effect.

Made from a durable nylon frames these solar lights fold quickly so you can store them easily.

Solar lights give years of good service and after the initial purchase will cost nothing to run.

Solar Lights – Lanterns 2

Solar Lights Lantern 2

Nice colorful vertical solar lights that you could hang just about anywhere. Hang them from tree branches, posts, hooks, or anything you like. These bright colors can really add a good splash of color to your garden, and are ideal for kids parties or barbecues etc.

Make sure these solar lights receive plenty of sunshine and they’ll keep glowing well into the night. Their speckled flecks of light will bring an air of excitement and mystery and your kids will love them.

There’s been some fantastic new lanterns that I’ve seen recently and I’ll be uploading them over the following few days. The designs are very modern and look great in almost any garden. There’s also been some new information about more powerful solar lights coming through and I’ll be adding that to the site very soon. It’s not always easy for me to get onto the site and do as much as I’d like but hopefully there will be some free time for me to make some significant updates shortly.