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OK, so you’ve made the decision that conserving energy is something you’re committed to, but the monetary investment of solar panels on your roof is way beyond your means. Well, as you probably know, conserving energy and utilizing alternative energy are one and the same thing, and these days there is a real interest in being a green and responsible citizen.

So, if you’re still walking down your garden with flashlight you can rest assured that you no longer need do that. If you have a patio, or a garden filled with beautiful flowers then you can illuminate those with solar lights for very little cost and you will have taken the first step toward conserving the planet’s energy.

Solar lights are not only practical they are highly decorative too and are designed to take full advantage of the sun’s natural energy.

Today, you have a choice of thousands of solar lights to choose from and will add real magic to your residential environment.

Of course you will have already seen a walkway or patio illuminated by conventional lighting, but that same effect can be achieved for a fraction of the cost and will look fantastic by using solar lights. The range of solar lights now covers all manner of different lighting, which can run from the simple but effective solar address sign, to full-blown landscape lighting that will include your water feature.

Even the simple addition of a few solar lights spread amongst your favorite flowers can really bring the whole thing to life when darkness falls. Or perhaps you may like to consider the floating orbs that simply bob about in your pond until they light up at night and become a real conversation piece.

There are security lights, floodlights, fountain lights, garden gnomes, humming birds that sit atop of a stake, and all will bring your garden something magical by night.

So, you can cheaply and effectively bring some cheer to you home and garden and know that you have taken the first steps toward improving the environment. The best news though is that if will cost you virtually nothing run these solar lights as they function by drawing their energy in the daytime from the sun. The panel on the solar lights will collect the rays from the sun and will in turn charge a battery within the unit. This process will go on for years before you will have to change a battery or bulb. Furthermore, you don’t have to worry about switching the solar lights on because their is an automatic sensor built into them, so as it grows dark the lights switch on automatically.

You can also find more information on outdoor lighting from this very informative site Outdoor Landscape Lighting

It’s been a while since I was last able to get onto the website and update some exciting news that’s been unfolding in the world of solar lights. Over the next few weeks I’ll be adding whole new categories that will clarify some of the major breakthroughs that have occurred over the past twelve months.

Also, there’s been a few people sending me email questions about various problems or requests for advice on all aspects of solar lighting. That’s great news and I look forward to more of you getting in touch so I can offer my advice and recommendations. Just use my email that’s available on the website.

I’m not exactly sure when I’ll be back to update the site more fully but I expect it will be in the month of August 2012. Look forward to seeing you all again soon.