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Solar Deck Lights

Solar deck lights can really enhance your decking area to create a really stunning effect. They also provide increased safety for walking, providing a directional indication if strategically placed.

Solar Light - Deck 1

Recessed solar lights are embedded into the deck itself and are strong enough to walk on. This opens up almost unlimited options for you to light your deck tastefully and safely.

Solar Deck Lights 2

These solar lights look very smart indeed. Fitted to the deck edge they will light the way very smartly in the dark.

Solar Deck Lights 2

They will serve well as a safety precaution for alighting the steps but they will add a really stylish look to your decking, transforming it to a very expensive look.

These solar lights are easy to fit and in comparison to conventional lighting would be very inexpensive. One of the real advantages of these kinds of lights is that anyone with very average DIY skills could install them very quickly.

Solar Deck Lights – Post Caps

Solar post lights are an ingenious idea. They fit directly atop the vertical posts of your decking.

Solar Deck Light - Post

Aside from the benefit of giving light to a higher level of your decking which provides increased safety there is the added benefit of keeping the post free from rain.

A combination of using solar lights in the decking and on the posts creates a very attractive and expensive looking light.